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Michael Eley Year 1

Post Grad Basketball Program

At Florida Sports Academy, athletes are provided the opportunity to reach their full potential on and off the court. Our program focuses on providing an elite level of academic and sports training to athletes who are ready to take that next step. Our faith-based dedicated post-graduate teams compete against national competition at various tournaments and showcase events, allowing them to gain unprecedented exposure. Post-graduate players do not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility while preparing for their next steps at the collegiate level both on the court as well as with a college placement advisor and academic staff. Post-graduates will develop through position-specific training while benefitting from an extra season to increase physicality as well as mental toughness and maturity.

What we offer....

At Florida Sports Academy, we are dedicated to providing the best facilities, training, and resources to help our athletes reach their full potential. We understand that the journey to success is about more than just training, which is why we create a college-like atmosphere with luxury apartments, pool and fitness room access, national exposure in tournaments and events, recovery with pool and cryotherapy technology, and three nutritious meals five days a week. Our goal is to help athletes achieve their goals, no matter what they may be. We believe that with the right combination of hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

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Join The FSA Family!!

Welcome to THE Florida Sports Academy! We provide an inclusive family atmosphere and a dedicated, faith-based staff committed to the growth and development of every player. Our service to the community extends even further, with our organization having fed over 10,000 families in the past two years. We partner with Patmos Chapel to provide fellowship for our student-athletes and service to the Central Florida community.

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