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Mission Statement 

Florida Sports Academy LLC. (FSA) is an organization providing the sports community with elite in class professional services that engage each student athlete uniquely and appropriately.  FSA delivers transformative athletic and educational experiences to athletes and families by following a framework that relies on years of experience, a positive environment, commitment, and integrity.
It is the goal of Florida Sports Academy LLC. to develop the next generation of student athletes and coaches through a curriculum that teaches sport specific details and character development.
  • Youth Basketball
  • Prep/ Post Grad Basketball
  • Elite/Professional Basketball
The Florida Sports Academy LLC. youth & prep basketball program spans from age five through seventeen. The players will progress and learn the game appropriately through four levels (Fundamentals & Fun, Skill & Development, Advanced and Performance) of the FSA Player Progression Profile (PPP).  While some players may advance through elite programs and potentially even to the professional level, FSA offers a pathway for players of various skill levels who love the game and are hungry to be the best version of themselves!  
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